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It is an AI-based system that provides record-breaking accuracy and high speed with face, body, and human action recognition as well as vehicle detection. COGNITRON quickly and accurately recognizes faces, human bodies, car and license plate numbers in a live video stream or in a video archive.
It utilizes existing surveillance equipment located at public spaces and places of interest to provide quick recognition of threats and assists security agencies and bodies in carrying out their primary task of maintaining and even improving security.

Armory Inventory and Tracking Information and Management System (AITIMS)

AITIMS is a blockchain-based system that provides complete armory tracking, and warehouse management functions including military personnel ID monitoring, weapon assignments, officer weapon certifications, fingerprint personnel authentication, custody-transfer validation by electronic signature or PIN, automated inventories, and prevention of unauthorized weapon movements.

PHIMIS - Estate Management System

Personnel Housing Integrated Management Information System (PHIMIS) is a system built to record, track and monitor personnel and housing information within an organization. It utilizes RFID identification as well as geotagging of physical assets. All information is immutable and stored on a secure blockchain network.


CrimeNet is an indigenous home and community security solution that leverages emerging technologies and effective community policing to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime.


An automated fire detection and prevention solution that uses machine learning to predict and subsequently prevent fire outbreaks within an organization.


Facilities and Equipment Information Management System(FEIMS) is a system built to record and assist in monitoring the status of Facilities, and Equipment (assets) owned by an organization. 


I-SATMIS is a satellite-based asset tracking system that tracks, in real-time, the location and position of assets


UniComms is a communication solution that supports real-time communication protocol. The system unifies voice, data, email and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) into a singular channel while providing an exhaustive tunnel for end-to-end security using Secured Real-time-protocol (SRTP)

Integrated communications platform

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